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I want to connect with all of you out there and share my story and listen to yours, I want to help inspire as much as I can. Eating disorders are deadly, dangerous and silent. And I want to put it out there and raise the awareness of how it impacts our every day life and that it Isn’t some fancy rich people mood kind of disease but it is deadly and lonely.
I recovered From anorexia And bulimia myself with nobody’s help at all, just all by mysef. I dont have a specific structure or technique I work with as I believe each and every one of us is individual and goes through this journey differently. What I can help with you is understanding of every single most shameful aspect of this sickness ( yes I’ve been there and done the worst and most shameful things that people who don’t struggle with ED would never understand or thought that someone could possibly do these) and I’m not going to call it coaching even though I am a coach bynprofession, but I want to be your inspiration and guide you towards complete healing, yes it is possible. And YOU CAN STOP🛑

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