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Just imagine what your life would be like if you could count on a supportive network of people around you. This Meetup group is for people who recognize that the QUALITY of your relationships affect every aspect of your life: Health, Financial, Family, Romantic, Career, etc. Therefore, it is our intent to MASTER THE ART OF RELATIONSHIPS through gaining skills such as: Managing Boundaries, Handling Feelings, Building Trust, and Positive Communications. Join us in creating your own personal support network...while learning great relationship skills. 
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To Your Relationship Mastery,
Angeline & Dixon

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Who, When, and How to Trust?

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Who should you Trust, and When?
(NOTE: to receivce access to this live Webinar on Zoom, you need to REGISTER - not just RSVP!)

  • This Webinar is for you if you want to learn...
  • How to know who to trust
  • When should you trust somone
  • And how do you build (or re-build) trust
  • Can you trust yourself
  • Uncover beliefs that aren't serving you
  • Create a loving, generous, and trustworthy relationship

Your coaches, Angeline & Dixon, are highly trained, but more importantly, they are living proof that relationships can flourish in love and support.
They show you that you can be yourself AND be part of a Power Couple.
(NOTE: to receivce access to this live Webinar on Zoom, you need to REGISTER - not just RSVP!) https://bit.ly/WebinarBuildingTrust

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