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Hi guys thank you for the interest.
This group is especially for the one who is interested in Chinese culture , we would invite professional tutor like Taiji, Qipao catwalk, Chinese traditional dance for everyone to have fun.

Qipao (Ch'ipau) is one of the most typical, traditional costumes for Chinese women. Also known as cheongsam, it is like a wonderful flower in the Chinese colorful fashion scene because of its particular charm. In the past, the collar of the costume was made high and tight fitting to keep warm. Qipao has incorporated this feature, not just for preventing coldness but also for beauty. The collar of Qipao generally takes the shape of a semicircle, its right and left sides being symmetrical, flattering the soft and slender neck of a woman. The collar of Qipao is meticulously made, especially the buttonhole loop on the collar, which serves as the finishing touch. We can't help but admire the designers' artistic originality. The design of the front of Qipao depicts the maturity of women properly; reminding people of the line of a Chinese poem 'A garden full of the beauty of spring can not be prevented from being enjoyed.'
Like other costumes, the beauty of Qipao comes first. Simplicity is one of its features from the collar, loop, chest, waist and hips to the lower hem, and a Qipao almost varies with a woman's figure. It not only lays stress on the natural beauty of a female figure, but also makes women's legs appear more slender. Mature women in Qipaos can display their graceful refined manner.
Please feel free to join and ask query if needed, we are a new meetup group set up in July 2019

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