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Before you sign up for a trip, please be aware of some of the basics.

1) We like small groups - generally a minimum of either 10 or 15 (depending on destination) and a maximum of 20. In our experience very large travel groups tend to splinter off into smaller cliques of friends. We want to all get to know each other on a deeper level and make new friends. If we have a lot of demand we'll form a different trip with the same itinerary the following week.

2) Every group will be a mixture of couples and singles. On the singles side, we try to have a roughly equal number of men and women. That's not always the case, but that's a goal.

3) Each trip has a trip leader and an assistant. They travel for free or deeply discounted. In return, their primary job is to take care of our guests. If they have time to vacation a little after taking care of our guests, great. But expect them to be available 24/7 for any personal, travel, or other questions or concerns.

4) We currently have travel Meetup groups in London, Houston & San Antonio And until we have enough demand in one group our trips will be combined. So just because you see 5 RSVPs for a trip, that doesn't mean there are 15 slots left. If you're interested, go ahead and RSVP. We'll publish links, and send you info as we progress. You'll have time before you have to make a first payment, and there's usually a cancellation window with no penalty.

5) If you're interested in being a trip leader let me know. If you'd like to simply sign up your friends in exchange for a free or discounted trip, we can send you particulars. We want to have a lot of social events to get the word out about your group!

6) Our goal is to provide great adventures with good friends and those who will become good friends, all at a cost you won't be able to beat anywhere.

7) We want to go where you want to go. Stay in touch with us!

Ok, so who wants to explore the world with us?

We will be having free local events that are fun to meet other members.

• Some events may require a fee, these events are optional.

Make new friends and get travel buddies.

We are open to your ideas about where you would like to go.

Please contact us.

Let's get together for affordable activities in local, national, and international traveling like going to local fine dining restaurants, wholesale weekend travel from New York to Los Angeles, and international trips to Singapore and more.

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