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Are you on a healing diet? Then the Healthy Foodie meetup is for you!

Whole 30, Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo (AIP), Keto, Bulletproof, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb, Guten-Free, Dairy-Free, Corn-Pree, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Atkins, Zone, Mediterranean, South Beach, Vegetarian, Veganism, Raw- whoa.

There are a zillion different diets that advertise greatness, but some stand out from the rest for how they aid in sustainable health & wellbeing. Sure, there are distinct differences in each healing diet & lifestyle choice, but few would argue against consuming less processed food, eating lots of diverse veggies, and shopping organic, local, free-range, and grass-fed when possible. In addition to getting good sleep and exploring activities to manage life's stressors- who wouldn't love a little more support in their healing diet journey?

At this meetup, you will find like-minded Healthy Foodies who love searching for healthy eateries to enjoy while discussing the crazy tips and tricks that go into life on a healthy diet. Let's be honest- Healthy Foodies stand out from the rest! Join us in sharing tips and tricks about navigating travel, food sourcing, biohacks, products, budgeting, holidays, family, and batch cooking that ultimately gives us the tools to succeed in living our best life.

So, I must ask you, why did you make the choice to turn toward a healing diet?

What is your "WHY"? Join our Healthy Foodie meetup!

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Personal Healing Stories & Navigating Setbacks

Kimberton Whole Foods - Kimberton

Healing journeys are not parallel. We encounter success but we also encounter setbacks. How do we maintain positivity and self-compassion while navigating our healing journey? We all have a personal healing story, even if we have not seen steady success and even if at times it feels like we are lost. Today we will share and validate our healing stories, learn from the past, and gain new tools that plan for a hopeful future. Topic of the Day: Healing Stories & Navigating Setbacks

Batch Cooking: Saving Time, Money, & Energy

Barnes & Noble

Finding the time, energy, and money to prepare healthy meals is a tricky endeavor that can evolve seasonally with your healing needs and personal schedule. Asking for help, planning ahead, and batch cooking are all resources that we can lean on when we feel the "burn out" of living life on a healing diet. In this meet & greet, let's discuss the best methods for batch cooking, where you can find one day a week (or month!) to cook and preserve food that can feed you for many meals to come. Batch cooking is a strategy that saves on cost, every, and time. When tailored to your needs, it can greatly improve not only your diet- but your lifestyle! Topic: Batch Cooking (Saving Time, Money, & Energy)

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Traveling on a Healing Diet

Kimberton Whole Foods - Collegeville

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