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Real social network: It helps in building positive and constructive relationships, stress and anxiety levels can be reduced to a great extent, it provides a great opportunity to understand various kinds of people, their mannerisms, personalities and thought processes and so on, it provides happiness and socializing is a great way of giving and getting emotional, physical and spiritual support.

Traveling: The best stress reliever! Traveling enhances your creativity, boost happiness and satisfaction, gives you a self-gratification or achievement, changes your outlook on life, get your real-life scope, good for your health, make memories, and you can leave all your worries behind.

Both social and traveling is the answer to most of what we need in our lives. I encourage people who are not so much social, a little nervous about stepping out and/or not sure if this is for me, to join immediately. I have a mom who was antisocial. She lost someone dear to her and she became more of a hermit. I finally, after a long hard challenge (years), convinced her to peeped her head out of her shell and once she took her first breath of fresh air... she is now unstoppable. Her health problems are not as bad as they were, her stress level is down and she is no longer depressed. Life is too short just to exist and to grand not to live!

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