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BE SURE TO READ FIRST, and to the end. Being in this MeetUp group does NOT mean one is an approved attendee or paid member. New private men's social swimming pool club provides a space where its dues-paying male members can freely socialize, discuss ideas, or freely enjoy an open space, without concern for disturbing or offending the sensibilities of the opposite sex, one’s own heterosexual modesty, or the ever-changing rules of political correctness and sexual norms. Eventually, we plan to support initiatives that assist in male-affirming development of young boys and men. Currently consists of 'club hours' each week where guys can hang out, do what they want, talk about anything they want (if opposing opinions upset you, not the place for you), with a small clothing optional area for sunning and outdoor TV for watching games, and skinny dipping in pool/spa, and other special events (we do our best to allow as much freedom as possible and organize events as requested by members). There are no age restrictions above age 21, but we do try to keep a balance. Member ages currently range from mid 20's to mid-50's, with an average age of mid-30's. Occasional special events and group outings, and often nudity will be allowed. Members ARE EXPECTED to meet a minimum (reasonable) level of PHYSICAL FITNESS and mental fitness and social civility, and there is a membership fee if approved as a member. xymc@yahoo.com for details.

Candidates for membership must be men who: 1) are comfortable in their sex* as men and in their sexuality; 2) are educated or seek education, are intellectually curious, and like discussions; 3) are very tolerant of different points of view and are not easily offended by words or non-violent actions; 4) VALUE PHYSICAL FITNESS AND ACTIVELY WORK TO STAY FIT (please do not ignore this requirement, because we won't. You will be expected to be within the healthy/normal range of BMI for men (18.5 - 24.9 : https://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/assessing/bmi/adult_bmi/english_bmi_calculator/bmi_calculator.html ); and 5) are well-socialized to follow basic rules and directions; can accept and appreciate the parameters of this club (i.e. it’s masculine nature, its exclusive affirmation of freedom of speech and association). Applicants are confidentially vetted by current members. You will need to provide a face pic and torso (can be with form-fitting shirt). Can be in separate photos. If photos are not accurate when you show up to your first event, you will not be allowed in, and you will be banned from joining for one year.

To join the meetup group, please send a face pic that includes at least your upper body to show us you do take care of your body. If you are not sure, use a BMI calculator to see if you are in range. Joining the meetup group does not get you into the club, but it does get you a view into our activities, some club pics (that do NOT identify members), and let you consider joining the club. Please take advantage. Once approved to enter the MeetUp space, it is expected that you will manage to get approved to attend, and do attend, an event to meet prospective members within 9 weeks. After that, YOU MAY BE REMOVED from the MeetUp group until you are ready to proceed. If you do get approved to attend an event, and do not show up without notice, you will be removed from the group. Members-Only events are not always listed here.

We ask that non-paid members EMAIL the info requested before being able to come to a prospective members Open Swim (email photo including at least upper body, age, and some details about yourself, to xymc@yahoo.com or via message here). RSVPs here are not recognized except for members. Members and others can RSVP via email. Please be sure to inquire at least a couple of days before an event you would like to attend, or we may not be able to consider it in time. We treat all inquiries with respect and discretion, and will protect your privacy. If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to ask.

*We retain the right to define the nature of our freedom of association with others. There are currently two ways of thinking of men vs. women: 1) Sex - a biological and anatomical characteristic; or, 2) Gender - a preferred identification and pronoun use. Our group is based on the first.

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