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Wes Lapine's Recurring DnD Game
A local DM is looking for about 6 players for their campaign! Wes is looking to run their game every Wednesday at the Portland Game Store. This will be a ongoing game written by Wes, not a DnD Adventures League game. Here's Wes's notes on what to expect and what to bring: Plot synopsis: Nit Stormborn(Female Human Necromancer) is a recent recruit of Rattles, the Elder Lich. They are assigned to the obsidian tower, A recruitment center and Star Observatory to the Guid of the Twin Heavenly Dragons. Nit’s rival, Cora Faux (Female Halfling Warlock), did not get the recruitment and blames Nit. Cora recruited many kobolds and goblins to help her sneak in and take over the Obsidian tower. Now, Nit is in a panic, and desperate for help before her boss (An Elder Lich) comes down with a heavy skeletal hand. Please bring a level one character for 5e D&D. DM guilds/D&D Beyond custom content allowed if you bring a printout. Please message Wes Lapine if you have questions about what to expect or bring. If you have any Concerns/Comments/Compliments about how the event goes, or if you're interested in running a similar event please message Cody Hess

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This group is for everyone and anyone who's ever wanted to play D&D, but for whatever reason never quite got around to it. Also a haven for people who loved the game some editions ago, but don't have their table anymore (we need Dungeon Masters!). Shiny newbies and grizzled veterans alike welcome to this initiation to the world of the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons!

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