What we're about

This meetup is to facilitate walks, hikes and short trips. Based in the Hague but exploring the world.

The name originates from Australia where aboriginals use this term for a retreat. Literally meaning:

1. A temporary return to traditional life, taken especially between periods of work or residence in modern society and usually involving a period of travel through the bush

2. A walking trip

Many of us lead busy lives, spend hours sitting behind screens, are run by our agendas and deadlines. How about taking a walk? Resetting your system, breath in breath out, feel the wind, the rain, the sun, the earth beneath your feet, feel your body and use your senses.

You will return refreshed and ready to rumble!

You're interested in hiking and nature? Very nice and welcome!

For participating I ask a contribution of €2 - this is for the organization and to confirm your presence.

Be prepared for any type of weather with water- and windproof clothing and proper shoes with a profile.

Bring enough to drink and eat for yourself.

Keep your RSVP up to date in due time.


If you don't feel well stay @ home. Keep a distance to each other during the hike. Bring nose-mouth mask for going indoors or when using public transport.

Hope to see you soon!

Disclaimer: participants are expected to have a basic level of fitness. Walks usually are between 15 and 20 km. - this should not be a problem. Participation is voluntarily and participant's responsability, as are any health-issues which might occur during or after the walk.



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Amersfoort Central

Beach and Meijendell

Pier Scheveningen

Oberstdorf - Merano E5 hiking trail


Bolzano - Trente E5 hiking trail


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