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Research shows that

Hamburg is one of the loneliest places in Europe

With 52% of Hamburgers feeling lonely. This is pretty grim information on its own, unfortunately it´s also linked loneliness and social isolation to mortality

Maybe you’re are a Hamburger :) , or a visitor in the city for the weekend. Maybe you live round the corner, or in another city or another country. Maybe you’re on your own, or celebrating a birthday with friends. Whoever you are, you’re sure to feel welcome on this great night out in Hamburg!
Enjoy the very best Meetup in Hamburg.

So why not Joining the Group and try to make Hamburg a better Place for you. !
Everyone is Welcome, to Join our Events it's always Fun, we have a core Crowd that always go´s together to a Nightclub or to next Stations.

Don't Be Shy, And Join Us for the Next Event " In Hamburg ".

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"New in Hamburg Rocks !" " Indoor / Outdoor Gathering "

Hi Guys, the community is growing and growing, I'm quite impressed that in such little time and in a city as in Hamburg (the coldest Place in Germany) something like International Community is created and there are really people who are appreciating this every time when an event is planned. With This event ! , We have booked the club in it like the outside area. There is a Dance Floor, a Smoking Area, And a Event´where you can have a good talk or just Party. We hope that all of you are coming. Also, those who come for the first time "don't be shy" and join us. We are going to play Games, are going to make introduction games, and playing drinking games. There will be a DJ, cocktails and as always good vibes. I hope to see you all there until then keep the date free. [masked] try to come early :) Entrance: Lady´s: 5€, Gent´s: 10€

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