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(“Wedge” is referring to the sliver of land called the Delaware wedge. It marks a point where DE,MD, and PA meet that was once disputed territory.)

Any pagans in this area that would like to hang out?
Maybe do some outings after we have met a few times?
Who knows, perhaps some of us will gel well enough to practice together.

A little about me, since I’m trying to organize this thing. My name is Terra, I’m a mother, wife, and practitioner of eclectic Traditional Witchcraft. I have been practicing seriously for about 7 yrs, but intermittently long before that.
To be frank, I moved to the area 3yrs ago, and am selfishly looking for people to hang out and learn with who have similar interests😁.
I’d like to welcome all forms of pagan traditions. With a couple stipulations: Absolutely no racism, homophobia or other bigotry.
Also, please know while I respect other's belief systems and all are welcome, I do not personally believe in any “3 fold law” or that the craft is all love and light. There is a balance in nature and the craft. There is a time to bless and a time to curse, and each practitioner is 100% responsible for their own actions.

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Monthly Gathering, see description

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The usual banter and getting to know new arrivals. Please post in comments if there are any specific topics you would like to cover.

Lititz Wolf Sanctuary Full Moon event (20$ see description)

Each attendee is responsible for their own ticket. Tickets can be bought at the door or in advance on the website. FOR THOSE WHO TRAVEL ON “STANDARD PAGAN TIME” PLEASE NOTE: THEY ARE VERY STRICT ABOUT NOT ADMITTING ANYONE AFTER 8:30pm. Also if you wish to have time to hang out by the fire etc, it is best to arrive on time- at 7:30pm. https://wolfsanctuarypa.org/tours-events-2/

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Monthly Gathering, see description


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