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Are you thinking about training for a marathon or half marathon? Do you run 12-13+ min miles? Are you a beginner? Do you have 30+ lbs to lose? I would like to start with 1 mile of continuous runs, and add a mile every 2 weeks. Who is with me?

We will meet weekly for a group "long run". You will need to find time to incorporate between 5-10 hours of cardio on your own time every week to keep up with the group. If you fall behind beers are on you. I would recommend a full work up with a doctor before you start but its not necessary. (Disclaimer: running is at your own risk, and this group cannot provide medical, nutritional, or fitness advise.)

Location for the runs will be in the Orlando vicinity, and will change weekly.

All runners at all levels are welcome to join, and will likely see benefits from running long runs at slower paces (again not a personal trainer). Starting runs will be 15+ min miles until our calves get all popeyed and then we will increase speed targeting upper leg muscles that will improve our overall speed.

This will require dedication, and a quasi addiction...

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