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Divorce or separation from a long-term relationship can be devastating- finding yourself on an abrupt solo journey to who-knows-where. Perhaps you’re experiencing shock, reeling with anger, overcome with grief. You feel abandoned, discarded even. At times, you’re an emotional wreck, yet you must “keep it all together,” balancing a roller coaster of emotions related to the logistics of not only relocating but also transitioning back into the workforce, all while trying to be a rock for your family. Entrenched in mediation, or worse, a very costly legal battle, you worry obsessively both day and night about how you are going to make it financially. You feel afraid for your future.

Traditional therapy hasn't helped diminish any of your recurrent negative thoughts and overwhelming feelings! But you haven't given up yet because something in your gut keeps telling you it’s unhealthy to exist in a state of constant emotional turmoil which is negatively impacting every area of your life. Deep down, you know there has got to be a better way to move forward.

Although you now find yourself knee-deep in a circumstance you never intended, the reality is you have been handed a tremendous gift that most people choose not take advantage of—the opportunity to do things strikingly different going forward. Girlfriend, I am here to tell you, you’ve got this! You stand at the threshold of making a choice to first lick your wounds, then nurture yourself from the inside out on an unforgettable, enlightening journey back to YOU. This mission, should you choose to accept it, will result in the priceless gift of embodying your true essence forever in a profound way that will spill over into ALL areas of your life—a life in which your thoughts and behavior become inextricably aligned with your core values. Living from your unique purpose will impact not only yourself, but just about everyone whom you come into contact with on a daily basis.

Please be forewarned, this voyage is not for the faint of heart. You will be required to dig deep, and I mean way deeper than your toughest fitness class or even your most stressful family holiday dinner. There will be seemingly endless peaks and valleys to overcome. You will breeze through anticipated obstacles, only to be leveled by unexpected hurdles. It is necessary to approach this wild adventure with open-mindedness, calling on your courage, and more important, your sense of humor. Just like a seasoned mountain climber, you will conquer each peak and valley the same way those pros do—by concentrating ONLY on your next single step. That’s right, moment by moment, one single step at a time.

Girlfriend, there are NO accidents. You found this site FOR A REASON. Your present life is the sum total of your choices, each of which have brought you to where you find yourself in this moment. I know you’re a seeker. Without a doubt, you’ve got what it takes, which is precisely why you are reading this right now instead of hitting some local bar, grinding up against some fella who will only bring you, at best, a fleeting moment of levity and happiness, and at worst, a raging infection. Bleh!

You should join this group if you wish to;
• Release negative emotions related to your separation/divorce
• Effectively move through your feelings of shame, sadness, remorse, and bitterness
• Increase your personal sense of well-being
• Improve your self-confidence
• Foster your independence
• Reconnect to your spiritual self and cultivate a connection with your true essence
• Deepen your intuition
• Create lasting, supportive connections with other courageous, resilient women

Some of the milestones you will cross are:
• shedding tremendous grief and sadness
• gaining insight into the habits and choices that have led you to where you are now
• the ability to accurately assess and analyze the positive benefits to your now defunct relationship
• the sacred practice of forgiveness— for yourself and for your ex
• the practice of productive, cathartic, emotional release on a cellular level
• incorporating self-care practices that will last a lifetime
• discovering what will make you come alive
• learning the art of journal writing

Within six months you will be able to:
• Reduce feelings of overwhelm.
• Effectively process your feelings of anger and grief in a healthy, productive, cathartic manner..
• Cultivate forgiveness toward yourself.
• Learn to separate the injustice from the person. This will allow you to cultivate forgiveness towards your former partner. This is more for YOU than it is for him, Girlfriend!
• Candidly re-examine your choices in past relationships as a tool to strengthen your decision-making ability going forward.
• Strengthen your ability to make sound decisions.
• Identify the limiting beliefs that prevent you from tapping into your courage (Girl, don’t tell me you have no courage—you DO possess courage!)
• Develop practical skills for organizing information so as to reduce miscommunication with your former partner and others.
• Explore and reestablish your individual identity—your likes, your dislikes, your passion(s).
• Internalize a perpetual sense of renewed optimism for your future.
• Draft your very own Single Lady Bucket List (SLBL).

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Girl, You've Got This! Building Rapport/Establishing Trust

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Many of you have asked for me to revive this group post-quarantine. While we still cannot meet in person, we can connect via Zoom. The call will begin promptly and will last 90 minutes. The cost to attend is $15, payable via Zoom (Amy-EllowitzMSW) or PayPal (paypal.me/amyleeellowitz). Once you make payment, I will send you the Zoom link to attend/participate. The reason there is a fee is twofold . . . 1) Your participation is essential to the group dynamic. Paying a fee holds you accountable to attending and illustrates the importance of making an investment in yourself as you heal. 2) This course is designed around a 22 module curriculum I developed with care and precision to empower you to transition through 4 phases of divorce/separation recovery and transformation. PLEASE READ THE REFUND POLICY

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