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Friends, have you ever wondered about?- Who am i? Why am i born? What is the purpose of my life?- Are the dreams trying to reveal something?- How was the Universe formed? Are there unknown living worlds around us?- How can I solve difficult problems in my life?- How can I change myself and handle situations better?- How can I get some peace in mind and real happiness in my busy life?

And if you have ever wondered about these questions, then it isn't just chance that you have found this group. Since thousand of years people have dedicated themselves to finding answers to these eternal questions, in all corners of the world and which forms the ancient universal wisdom. And this eternal knowledge helps us to develop the powers latent within us with practical tools and techniques. And thus our endeavour is to share this sacred knowledge that will help you find the answers to these questions, by your own revelations, and with your own direct and intimate experiences.

We invite you to discover for yourself the Marvellous teachings of Eternal Gnosis!

We offer courses on self-development, physical-emotional-social well-being of the human being,solving problems of life, understanding the mysteries of the dreams (lucid dreaming)-death-laws of nature, learning to meditate, developing the sense of one's purpose of life and vocation, improving our relationships, exploring the truths of mayan,egyption,tibetan,indian and other cultures to orient our lives...and much more.

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A New Vision of Life

Online event

Dear Friend, Greetings from AGEAC INDIA! AGEAC is an institution with an international scope with associations in 47 countries. It is a Non-Profit institution with an objective to help human beings regardless of their economic background. It is made up of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds with a deep rooted interest in the mysteries of the ancient times. Once again we have organized a Public Conference (ONLINE) on 12-August-2020, wednesday. It is open to all with an interest to re-discover the ancient teachings from Egypt, Persia, Greece, Tibet, India, Spain, Peru etc. and from the past civilizations like the Incas, Mayans, Aztecs and more. Have you ever wondered Ø Who am I? Ø What is the REAL purpose of my life? Ø What are the dreams I get in night and are they really trying to tell me something? Ø How was the universe formed? Ø Are there worlds around us invisible to our eye? Ø What are mysteries behind Egyptian, Mayan Pyramids? Ø How can I change myself completely? Ø How can I solve the difficult problems in life? Ø Why am I always in this kind of situations? Ø How do I make myself stronger and balanced to face any situation in life? Ø How to live happy and meaningful life? Ø What the truths taught by ancient civilizations and cultures the world which can help me to become better human being eliminating my anger, jealousy, greed, laziness, fear, etc.? We invite you to attend the Online introduction session. This session will allow you to understand the structure and content of the course. You can choose to enroll based on your interest post this session. Date: 12-August-2020, Wednesday Time: 07:00PM to 08:00PM Course Fee: Free Introduction: Free Course Details: 20 Classes. Attached Those who are interested to join the online introduction session please register yourself by sending the following details to us on [masked] OR contact us on [masked]. 1. NAME 2. AGE 3. ADDRESS 4. OCCUPATION 5. EMAIL ID 6. PHONE After registration you will receive the details to login in the online classroom. Thanks and regards AGEAC INDIA (Delhi branch)

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