Portland Association of Deleuze Studies

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Portland Association of Deleuze Studies, hosted by Ian Garlington, PhD

Reading assignment: Bergsonism Chapter 4.

Please email Ian for details or questions about the group:

Come connect and laugh with the other people in your town who are curious about the liberating potentials in the writings of Gilles Deleuze. Presently we are planning on meeting weekly to read and discuss the writings of Deleuze. We will proceed at a pace of one chapter a week starting with Nietzsche and Philosophy and proceeding through his works on Bergson, Spinoza, both books of Schizophrenia and Capitalism, Cinema I and II, and so on. Discussions will be polite and on topic. All texts will be read in English but you are more than welcome to bring original texts in French for clarification of confusing passages. Collaboration on future social, philosophical and artistic projects between attendees is highly encouraged.

What is the relationship between expression and content? How do new things come into existence? How is the subject constituted in the given? What is the relationship between parts and wholes? What is time? How do we actually experience it? What is the relation between virtual and actual? Where does meaning exist? What is the relationship between science art and philosophy? How can we maximize joy?

Keywords: Deleuze, Philosophy, Nietzsche, Trans-humanism, psychedelics, Film