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The Chicago Metaphysics Meetup is dedicated to the understanding and practice of practical mechanisms for forgiveness, surrender and letting go.

Unlike the definition of metaphysics which claims "the abstract theory or talk with no basis in reality", I will show you how to apply the mechanisms of the subtle mind substance which can have a real effect on your world.

Through this group you will learn about the nature of the mind, thoughts, consciousness and energy bodies (emotions) and how you can transmute and transmit enlightening qualities into your world.

Facilitator, author and metaphysical guide, Clayton Jarvinen, shares insight and leads from his own spiritual awakening along with with support from works like "A Course In Miracles" and Dr. David Hawkins.

You can learn more about the facilitator via his personal website (http://www.claytonjarvinen.com), or follow him on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/awake38) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/awake38/).

Join this journey of discovery. Fine out what true freedom is really like!

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