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Hi. My name is Nicholas Vail
I am starting a group that encourages "Big Talk" -- skipping over "small talk". Our emphasis is to grow better communication skills and meeting/connecting with new people. Personal goal oriented growth, motivation with a sense of accountability and motivational/inspirational speakers. There will be a "buddy" system where you will be paired up with a person at the meeting. The two of you will be your main "support" person within the larger group. I will be starting with setting a standard to the group including basic tips on how this can work best and the importance of confidentiality among each other.

I would like to move to people that become a part of the group to make presentations of personal experiences presentations to the group getting everybody involved and relieving me of presenting. I want to learn from you as well and be a part of the group on the receiving end!

I will be encouraging passing/borrowing of books from each other. I will bring in books to hand out for free with the intention that you will bring them back and pass on to others with in the group. This group will evolve as time goes on... HOPING (fingers crossed) that we are able to do some community service at some point or as many of us are professionals.... Connecting people together might help getting something done on a more personal level for each other. I have a group page on Facebook called "Connections" support group as well which will be attached to this. Even if you are just curious... there will be a buffet available so you can't lose on this group. If you have any questions... feel free to message me.

Thanks for looking and hoping to meet you! This is going to be something great.

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Peace Valley Park run -- "home of the high five"

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Introduction to "Connections"

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