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Beer and Magic...What’s better than that? My plan is to have this be a Bi-Monthly gathering on either Saturday or Sunday depending on availability and preference.

We’ll play Commander! Let’s keep it casual! If your goal is to combo off on Turn 3...this is probably not the group for you. If your goal is to destroy everyone’s lands and lock them out with prison pieces...this is probably not the group for you.

Of course, everyone’s idea of “fun” is different, but in my experience, the longer (and jankier) Commander games are, the more fun they are.

Let’s plan to have good communication before and during the games. If you want to play a higher power level deck there may be some folks who have that available too. The goal is to have good games and have fun!

In fact there’s a wonderful Command Zone podcast episode that talks about maintaining a fun and healthy meta that I highly recommend you check out. Episode 273: https://commandzone.collected.company

We’ll follow the traditional Commander rules and guidelines: https://magic.wizards.com/en/content/commander-format

Location: Guardian Games - Critical Sip room. So this will be a 21+ age group.

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