What we're about

If you're in recovery from, just becoming aware of or in need of more information on eating disorders including bingeing, anorexia, bulimia, purging, restricting or overeating this is a safe place for you to receive support and information.

Goals of the Group

To free ourselves from our eating disorders.

To help, encourage and support each other in our personal recoveries

To provide a safe place for people to share their feelings and emotions.

To enhance public awareness of eating disorders through information packages, presentations and by sharing our personal experiences.

To reach out and help others struggling with eating disorders.

To help members realize they are not alone and no longer have to struggle alone.

Rules of the Group

Each member’s right to anonymity is respected.

Confidentiality is essential. What is said in the group, stays with the group.

This is a cross-talk meeting and feedback from members is encouraged.

Be careful not to give advice but share what has helped you using 'I' statements instead of 'You' statements.

Side conversations when a member is sharing are not allowed.

Do not monopolize the time, other members may need to share.

Methods used to try and lose weight are not allowed to be discussed.

No member has to take part in any discussions. They can feel free to just sit and listen at any of the meetings.

It is recognized that the facilitators are not the “experts” and their primary responsibility is to ensure that the group is a safe place for their members to disclose their personal stories, fears, etc.

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