The Starting Point


Getting into Business Shape
SPORT model turns startups into successful businesses, quickly and simply

Successful athletes around the world follow a very precise regimen that includes training, nutrition and even the number of hours they sleep. We have chosen to apply that principle to the business world, and have developed the SPORT model. This new model enables us to transition an initiative from a startup to a successful company, simply, quickly and with a savings of time and resources.
It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been operating for a few years, we will guide you from the business foundation stage to your ultimate goal, with maximum availability and approachability – from the investor recruitment stage to making an exit or from the establishment of the company until you generate sales and profits.
Stage 1 – The Starting Point (STP)
The starting point for entrepreneurs who want to do things right.
A startup is a business initiative, and entrepreneurship is a profession. In order to succeed, it’s important to manage the business in an organized, professional manner. This means that in the first stage we will learn the practical basics of managing startups and will create a stable business foundation that will ensure proper management.
What does this stage include?
• Managing a startup simply, without risking bankruptcy
• Adopting and introducing tools and processes from the organizational world
• Early planning and building a highly detailed and implementable work plan
• Setting up marketing and sales systems that promote the generation of business deals and profits.

Stage 2 – The Safe Ride (STR)
Building an attractive and established company, full of energy and enthusiasm.
When the foundation is ready, you can start building the company. In the second stage, we will guide you to the point at which the company will be mature enough to launch and recruit investments. We offer a variety of ongoing consulting tracks, ranging from three months to a year, that were developed based on our cumulative experience from managing and developing hundreds of technology projects.
What does this stage include?
• Drafting a work plan and setting business goals.
• Learning and applying planning and management tools.
• Theoretical design of the product and identification of the market.
• Local and global marketing, sales and addressing obstacles.
• Management and negotiations training.
• Preparation for the process at the Israel Innovation Authority.
• Assistance in preparing and practicing a presentation for investors, in Hebrew and English.
• Preparing for and obtaining financing from investors, crowdfunding and/or bank loans.
• Physical office premises.

Stage 3 – The Take-Off (TTO)
The moment of truth has arrived.
You want to break into the market and start selling, but how do you find investors? How do you make them fall in love with you and your product? On the background of the higher standards expected by investors and the increasing competition, this is no easy task. We will put you in touch with potential investors and prepare you for the meeting. Thus you will be saved from unnecessary disappointments, excessive expenses and lost time, and will benefit from an effective process.
What does this stage include?
• Preparing the business for the investment stage
• Branding the business
• Forming business ties and joint ventures
• Training in English and intercultural coaching
• Preparing a presentation and full content briefs for investors
• Meeting with a panel of investors
• Office work space