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Welcome to Soul Cafe, a monthly meetup with inspirational speakers covering the topics of well-being, mindfulness, personal development, spirituality, self exploration and more. It is a not for profit event founded by Jean and Karen Foster.

We are based at The Station Hotel Dudley on first Tuesday of the month.

A warm welcome guaranteed, we do hope you will join us.

Our intention is to provide a forum for people to come together in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding.

Some of the speakers may have books they wish to promote, there may be an opportunity for you to purchase if you wish, however, there is No hard sell.

If you have a related service or event you would like to promote we have a table for you to leave leaflets/business etc.

NON PROFIT MAKING, and ALL monies are put back into the organisation of future talks/presentations.To cover room hire, refreshments, advertising, and speaker fees we charge a nominal fee of £5.

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"The Human Matrix - Our Higher Potential" with Michael Feeley on 2 July

with Michael Feeley What if the reality of the global population of Earth has been faked and hijacked for a sinister plot at the hands of sinister people? What if our only visible reality field is purely a grand deception intended to take us away from the truth, and that everything in society is a tool to keep you away from this truth? What we believe to be true is not necessarily what is true Human beings are a 3 billion letter genetic code formed by sacred geometry, vibrating within a universal harmonic frequency and yet our current reality field bears little resemblance to our truth. During this talk Michael is going to reveal to you some of the biggest deceptions of our time, and by knowing them it will elevate you to your higher potential, such as the real identity of biblical characters, the true purpose of our most famous ancient monuments, the meaning of the heads of Easter Island, Atlantis and Lemuria, Stonehenge and even the pyramids of Egypt and around the world and how they are all connected by a singular message of human consciousness. He will also reveal the connection between the Earthly and other planetary monuments that are all connected by interdimensional portals each located by a mathematical matrix. He will also discuss the Universe and its mathematical communications and how this leads onto the likes of Crop circles, giving you a new prospective on this subject! Plus much more! Your own personal reality-field is about to be realigned to a vibration of truth! www.michael-feeley.com BIOGRAPHY Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and now ancient code breaker who has authored 7 paperback books and several e-books on various esoteric subjects and is also a public/conference speaker and global radio contributor, magazine article writer and frequent social media blogger. Michael always felt different and even at the young age of 6 he was asking adult questions about a reality that seemed backwards and manipulated. This has continued into his adult life. Michael is a multiple paranormal/UFO experiencer and has personally witnessed dimensional portals opening up before him emanating unorthodox craft, had numerous UFO sightings day and night, received telepathic invites to attend certain locations and has seen an ET being face to face amongst many other personal close encounters of the third and other kind! Michael now uses his 17 years of evidence gathering knowledge and investigative training to break many ancient codes that have previously remained a mystery throughout the world. To Michael they are no longer a mystery. Through meticulous guided research and innate recognition of ancient symbols and codes, the secret metaphorical world of ecclesiastical and secret brotherhoods has now been deciphered and the face of history can now be changed as Michael demonstrates to you a ciphered code left for us to find within the famous monuments of the ancient world! What Michael is about to reveal is something very different to what has been stated before, very different to what so called scholars have told us. What you have previously been told can now be re-written as the true message of our ancestors can now finally be heard through Michael’s work. An evening not to be missed. As well as the talk we will be running a regular BOOK EXCHANGE so bring along any books that you feel have inspired you or pick a book from the selection and just bring it back once you've read it (no money is exchanged just trust). We like to keep a record of who donates and borrows books so we can keep a check on where each book is. Admission: £6, this includes FREE refreshments, cake, fruit & more. Doors open from 7pm with the talk commencing at 7.30pm prompt. Venue: Station Hotel, Castle Hill, Dudley, DY1 4RA. THIS IS A NOT FOR PROFIT EVENT

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"How Writing Helped Me to Heal" with Shelley Wilson

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