What we're about

Open up your heart and let the Sound of your Soul Soar!

Through the sound of your own voice you can free your self expression in empowering and magical ways beyond words. Discover the true resonance of your authentic voice. Let's explore your voice as an instrument of healing so you can become your own symphony of sound. Soul Voice® is about 'sounding' not 'singing' as you will come to understand. When was the last time you felt truly alive!

Every voice needs to be heard!
Everyone has something important to offer.
Everyone on earth has a healing voice.

Soul Voice® is about the liberation and freedom of your expression through your 'Sounds'.
There are no right or wrong sounds and there is no judgement. You will understand just how incredibly powerful your voice is!!!

"The voice is the most sublime of all instruments, because it has heart and consciousness. It is a synergy of our body, mind and soul."
Karina Schelde
Founder of Soul Voice®

• Holds the vibration of the universe
• Can penetrate any substance, move molecules, rearrange realities
• Has the ability to penetrate the subconscious and release emotional blocks
• Enables you to move past thinking and into feeling

• Carries your unique blueprint
• Awakens and liberates your soul
• Expresses your truth beyond words

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Soul Voice® 2 Day Workshop

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