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Gear UP! ...and get ready to join Phoenix's most impacting, measurable and life changing mastermind group. We accept entrepreneurs, sales executives and anyone else trying to grow or grow within their business. Every meeting is structured to maximize engagement, build connections and most importantly GET RESULTS. For the sake of time and a productive meeting pulse, each group is limited to 9 members + the group leader. When you come to Gear Up, be prepared to:

- Be Accountable
- Contribute in a respectful and productive manner
- Be transparent (BE HONEST)
- Bring excitement!!!

The group is currently in infancy and is guaranteed to grow very quickly over the course of the next few months which is why we are limiting membership. Once we reach capacity, we will begin the process of creating another group that can meet at another day and time. MOST IMPORTANTLY: These meetings are highly structured, this will not change regardless of your respective group. It is extremely important that you are on time. This falls under "contributing in a respectful and productive manner", if you're not there to contribute, you're not holding up your end of the deal and this group may not be the best fit for you.

We are here to learn and grow our businesses. This group is driven by individual accountability to behaviors that drive results. Networking connections are encouraged but not required. Please be respectful of time, if you want to meet with another group member, save the conversation for after the meeting and setup a time to get lunch, coffee or have a phone conversation. Get ready and Gear Up for a results driven mastermind networking group!

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Gear Up: Phoenix Mastermind Group

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Gear Up: Phoenix Mastermind Group

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