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Meditation is quite simple, all it is is giving your mind something to focus on which can be your breath, a mantra, counting numbers or any sounds you can hear, whatever you choose and it can change, becomes your anchor.

Some people think that I’m order to meditate you have to stop thought completely and that’s just not possible your mind will drift and when you notice it has drifted gently bring it back to your anchor.

The goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and to experience our essential nature which is peace, happiness and bliss.

If you can breathe slowly and deeply from your abdomen this has a calming effect and it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.

There will be prolonged silences. Silence is your friend and it helps you to recharge your batteries and switch off from the outside world. I’ll also send out Heart Energy during some of these silences which can help put you into a more relaxed state.

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Guided Meditation for deep relaxation 🧘🏻‍♀️😌

In this day and age life has become so crazy busy that we can sometimes find it hard to relax. This class can help you to switch off, release any tension or worries you may have and to feel more at peace and ease by the time you leave. We will focus on relaxing the whole body and mind by doing a body scan, visualization and using Heart Energy. Heart Energy can help put you into a deeper state of relaxation. Some people have shared that they feel amazing for up to 2 days after having a session others just feel deeply relaxed :) Practicing relaxation techniques can have many benefits including lowering blood pressure, reducing activity of the stress hormone, reducing muscle tension and chronic pain, improving sleep quality and mood and feeling a better sense of well-being. This class suits all ages and dispositions - no previous experience required. Please bring something to drink as the room can get quite warm. This is a Taster Class so it is donation only. We are based in The Community Room inside Waitrose just passed the Pharmacy.

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