What we're about

The Higher Game vision is to create a world of happy people moving intentionally into life mastery by tapping their most playful and creative selves.
To make personal development and life mastery both playful and profound - and rigorously effective. To connect people who are ready to make big changes in their lives through provocative live interactive experiences and daily practices, informed by both deep wisdom traditions and the most current neuroscience of gasification and learning. all wrapped up in lots of fun, warmth, courage, and genuine care.

We are looking for people who want to shake outworn beliefs, allow new beliefs and convictions to arise and come into focus, recategorize what is important and of value, clarify core values and act on them, see new options and therefore make new decisions, dissolve untrue generalizations and conclusions, find new depths of appreciation and gratitude.

Each circle or evening focuses on one set/group/theme of essential mastery skills and takes a journey through four guided creative exercises (games) that are designed to help people hone these skills, discover their strengths, gain the courage and a plan to overcome big obstacles and set a sure course forward through life.

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Higher Games Mastery Circles intro night

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