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noun. (nō'el) (no•ël)

1. Birth of Christ
2. Christmas
3. Season of Giving

When you think of Noel, you can't help to think about Christmas, right! We see those four letters sprawled everywhere from greeting cards to wrapping paper, and did you know there's a song, yup! Christmas is a time when we show love and kindness, and in showing this love and kindness, we are very generous and giving, so let's keep this spirit during the whole year, so where y' at!

"the city still has one of the highest per-capita rates of homelessness in the nation. It has 46.9 homeless people per 10,000 people. compared to Baltimore at 41.2, Detroit 40.5, Philadelphia, 36.8, Nashville 34.7 and Chicago 23.1."

-Webster, Richard A. "New
Orleans reduces homeless
numbers by 85 percent, but
struggles with per capita rate.",
Nola.com, 2015

"Of all New Orleanians, 25 to 30 percent live in poverty; 44 percent of children under 5 live in poverty. For a single parent not to live in poverty, he or she has to take in over $46,000 a year (an hourly wage of $22). "

-LaMancusa, Phil. "Poverty in New Orleans." Whereyat.com, 2015

I have a few campaigns I would like to implement, but I also need your ideas and incite to make this a success.

In closing, what's LIVING without GIVING, with that being said, we will also host meetups at the cities most tastest eateries, rooftop bar happy hours, walk or bike the calories off at Laffitte Greenway or just about anything else you guys and I suggest.

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Second Harvest Food Bank

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Let them eat CAKE 🎂

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Needs a location

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