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Please note, this is NOT a group where you can join to pick up women! I’m a full time professional Relationship & Dating Coach, I am NOT a pick up artist nor will arrange you a hook up! If you send me or any other group members inappropriate messages or act disrespectfully at any of my MeetUps I will block you, remove you from the meeting and will report you!

'Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barrier within yourself that you have built against it.' Rumi

• You seem to attract the right kind of partner but just when you think everything is going so well your partner ends it and you never truly understand why.

• Are you in a loving relationship but you don't feel like your partner understands you and it feels like you and your partner speaking different languages?

• Are you looking for a relationship to complete yourself or your life?

• You have heard of feminine and masculine energy before but you don't know what they actually mean?

• Do you want to understand what does opposite sex wants from a relationship?

• Do you want to understand how to communicate effectively with opposite sex?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this Meet-Up Group is definitely for you. Each week I'm going to be hosting a number of talks on a number of topics from:

- Self Awareness

- Self Love

- Masculine and Feminine Energy

- Communication Skills

- Conscious Relationships & Conscious Dating

- Dating skills

- Sex and Intimacy These talks will help you to have a better understanding on masculine and feminine energy, how to communicate effectively with opposite(or same sex) and how to fall in love with yourself first.

I'm incredibly passionate about relationships, self awareness and helping people to create conscious, happy and loving relationships. My talks and coaching style is very deep as I always ask questions to understand what we do why we do because nothing is ever as it seems, especially when it comes to relationships. My aim is to provide as much value as possible, simplify all the information and deliver it to you in bite sizes to bring clarity and avoid information overload.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you to our encouraging, none judgemental and supporting environment where you can share your experiences and connect with like minded people. Couples and singles all welcome.

Warmest Wishes,

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How to Create and Maintain Deep & Meaningful Relationships (Episode 2)

PLEASE GET YOUR TICKETS AT: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-create-and-maintain-deep-meaningful-relationships-episode-2-tickets-56498375161 {please remember to RSVP here when you have bought a ticket} “I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.” ~ Robin Williams Loneliness is the new silent epidemic! It remains one of the most undetected and misidentified public health concerns sweeping Western society right now, so much so that it’s been attributed as the number one reason for declining mortality rates and increased mental health problems. A recent survey demonstrated that 40% of people don’t feel close to others at any given time and 15% had nobody to turn to or talk to. With the help of social media, we are connected (superficially) more than ever yet we’ve never been more disconnected from ourselves and each other. The cure to loneliness is human connection. Not just connecting with each other but with ourselves and creating deep and meaningful relationships has never been more important than now. This mini workshop is going to be the third episode of 'How to Create and Maintain Deep and Meaningful Relationships ' talks. So far the areas we have covered are: Episode 1 - ‘How to speak so that you always feel heard' Valentine’s Day Special - ' Identifying unconscious relationship patterns and understanding love languages' In Episode 2 we are going to do work around ‘Heart Healing' and 'Heart Opening'. A closed heart can affect us in many ways. It might mean you are unable to allow anyone get close to you or you might be unable to accept love in (even though you think you do). Maybe you are feeling a distance between you and people who are closest to you, fear of being rejected, lack of confidence, difficulty in finding a suitable partner or rejecting someone even if they are everything you’ve ever wanted. Heart opening is a healing of the heart, feeling lighter and uplifted, attracting right type of people into your life. In this workshop you will learn: • How to heal and let go of the pain from past experiences • How to forgive people who have hurt you • How to forgive yourself for people you hurt • How to open your heart to love again and SO much more... You will be guided through a mix of teachings, question based introspective work, life coaching, relationship coaching, emotional intelligence, mindfullness and relationship psychology. Here's what attendees of previous events have to say: "Dilara not only delivers what she says she will but goes above and beyond to give everything she has to deliver what I would call ‘the most inspirational’ event I have attended to date. I love the attention to detail when you enter the room and the feeling of love and safety that surrounds you. Dilara is ‘Amazing’ in a multitude of ways and I would highly recommend her events." - Laurelle Burgham "I had the pleasure of going to Dilara's seminar on 'Masculine and Feminine Energy' and came out having learnt about how my behaviour and reactions in my relationship proved to be counter productive. The guided meditation was a highlight as I got to finally be able to understand the power of it which I used to struggle with. Loved the way Dilara broke down things from a female perspective which I’m now applying to my own life. Definitely need more of these workshops :)” - Lorna Kiriinya Please come with something to write with. Schedule: 6:30pm - 6:45pm: Arriving and Networking 6:45pm - 9:00pm: Talk 9:00pm onwards: Q&A and Networking Warmest Wishes, Dilara x

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