What we're about

Hello, welcome to this community!

I am a passionate Street photographer and I have been doing it for quite a few years. My aim in taking over this group is to make it engaging, active and entertaining, but most of all to learn about Street photography, practice it and meet like minded people to enjoy their company and conversation and make new friends.

Who would participate in the Meetups? If you want to spend a few hours learning and enjoying the experience, this is the right place! If you want to hang out with fellow photographers, this is the place! If you want to shoot some Street photography and get better at it, this is the…ok, you got the gist of it!

I will be leading mini workshops for beginner and intermediate level photographers, but I welcome advanced photographers so we can learn from each other! The workshops will be 2-3 hours long and will cover techniques, camera settings, different styles and how to shoot them, what to shoot and why, and all the questions you need answered. Each workshop will be covering mainly a specific subject but I will be available for any doubts or questions you might have. At the end of the session we will gather around a pint and have some banter and socialise.

The Meetups will have different formats:

Mini workshop
Styles, specific techniques, framing and composition, what to shoot, how to make an image compelling, etc.

Expert workshops
Occasionally there will be a guest expert in a specific style or a renown or recognised photographer to lead the workshop.

Author themed sessions
We will pick one of the greats (or not so renown but still great) and analyse their work, then go out and try to imitate them to learn!

Critique sessions
This is a really delicate one, but if there is something that taught me the most in the shortest time is having my work critiqued! So there will be critique sessions in which you bring up to ten of your best (or not!) pictures and hear what me and other advanced/expert photographers have to say about it. It may hurt at times but constructive critique will take you to the next level.

The odd social one!
We may just decide to meet up to socialise and have some photography conversation, banter, knowing each other better, have a beer!

After each Meetup it would be great if the participants shared some of their work on the platform so we can enjoy it! Constructive comments will be welcome.

As it says on the tin, the main theme of this group is Street Photography.

Although there are very radical views of how Street photography should or should not be defined, in this group we identify it as candid photography shot in a public place; it does not have to be necessarily street or urban environment. The subject is mostly human or human related, and what we are looking for is behaviour, juxtaposition, telling a story, documenting a funny or interesting situation, never ridiculing or lacking respect for the subject.
The styles of Street Photography can be many and very different, and we will explore each of them on themed sessions.

If you read the whole thing, congratulations! Now come to one of the Meetups and join the community!

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