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The ladies of “SHE IS BOSTON” come from the inner city streets, but share the hopes to live out their dreams, escape the grasp of the “Boston Crab”, and reach their highest potential as entrepreneurs. Shauna "Bambi" Daddabo is the founder and leader of SIB, and is a serial entrepreneur while also a single mom. Shauna has her own line of wines, called She Is Boston, runs a non-profit called Divas Making a Difference (DMD), works full time and has several side businesses. Shauna is passionate about mentoring young women and helping women become successful business owners. Come join her team and become part of She Is Boston, and take part in her reality TV show with the same name, "She Is Boston".

She Is Boston is going national, with plans in place for She Is Atlanta, She Is Miami, She Is Las Vegas, and many more to come.

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