Atlassian and Spartez present: Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture

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As products and companies grow, the way we build those things has to change. Shortcuts that worked before won't, processes that were simple at first quickly become more complex, and sometimes, architectures simply don't scale. These are good problems to have, but how can we solve them? Atlassian has been through this growth first hand, and we have lessons to share from the front lines of building products on platforms that scale.

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6:30 - Welcome

7:00 - Tom Hombergs, Senior Software Engineer @ (soon to be) Atlassian, Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture

Buzzwords like “Clean Architecture” and “Hexagonal Architecture” have been around for quite some time. But have you actually seen an application based on one of these paradigms? How do we actually implement such an architecture in a way that the software we create stays flexible and maintainable?

This talk discusses the goals and concepts behind “Clean Architecture” and “Hexagonal Architecture” and translates them into an opinionated architecture template. Going through the code of an example web application, we’ll discuss the full stack ranging from the web layer to the persistence layer and will answer questions like "How should we structure our code?", "Where does the input validation code belong?", and "How do I access my domain logic?".

# Bio
Tom has served as a developer, architect and coach in Java-based software projects at adesso in Germany for more than ten years. He’s passionate about software development in general and architecture in particular, blogging about the things that occupy his mind on Tom has developed software with the Spring ecosystem for most of his career and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of his code and architecture. This fall, he's going to join the Atlassian team in Sydney.

7:45 - Fernando Via Canel, Engineering Manager @ Klarna
Deterministic Rendering, Motion and the Future of Styling

We might have reached the limits of what can be done with CSS. The history of the web platform sets clear constraints of what's possible and what's not, so what happens when we need to do advanced motion and layouts that are outside the bounds of what the web was intended for?

# Bio
Fernando is an Engineer Manager at Klarna and cofounder of the foundation. His long term focus has been to improve the quality of web application development, raising the bar in two fronts: bring the design to the levels of traditional disciplines such as graphic and editorial, and ensuring engineering best practices are followed in it, specifically around static typing and functional programming. Nowadays he is leading the development of the Design System team at Klarna.

8:30 - Dominik Kapusta, Senior Software Engineer @ Spartez - Jira Cloud - performance at scale

Jira Cloud strives to serve its customers with the best performance, regardless of their size and data shape. This talk will bring you up close with the stories from the road to "fast Jira for everyone”, as well as lessons learned with regard to leveraging full performance potential and improving scalability.

Dominik is an artificial intelligence and neuroscience enthusiast, who prides himself in believing that highest productivity emerges from uncompromised excellence. His nearly 30 years of programming experience include 16 years as an IT professional.

9:00 - networking

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