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A little about myself as your orgnizer. I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I still do some training on the side. These hikes/walks are NOT workout sessions.

I decided to start this group to get outside and meet some new people. This is not a hard workout session this is a walk/hike to enjoy the parks. We will do some minor stretching before and after the hikes, standing up just to loosen up a little before the walk/hike.

This is for people that want to hike/walk mostly in Spring, summer and fall. We walk about 3 miles ( we are not runners) We go to parks in the summit, portage county areas for the most part. There are times we walk on pavement with no hills, no rocks and no dirt, there are other times we will do some hiking in the metro parks that are on dirt trails with some sticks and rocks as well as some hills we do about 3 miles on those as well. I will always put this information in the description of each event I plan so you will know what to expect. I usually book events where we can take our dogs and kids if we wish. If you like to stop and take pictures of mother nature this is great we like to enjoy the beauty of nature. We are all friendly and look forward to socializing. Our ages range fro 35-84.

The fee for this group is 10.00 every 6 months or 20.00 a year. It does not matter how many times you hike a year.

The money is collected in March and in October or some people pay when they see come.

This is a group for people that want to get out and get some exercise and socialize at the same time. This can be for beginners as well as avid exercisers that just want to slow down a bit and enjoy mother nature.This is not a hard core workout, this is a walk/hike. The parks will be around Akron, Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls, Peninsula etc. Dogs are welcome. The times will be evenings during the week, mornings on Saturdays and afternoons/evenings on Sundays.

Wear comfortable clother and shoes, bring water and cell phone in case you get lost on your way. There are times when it is a little confusing finding the entrance due to some parks have a lot of entrances. I normally try to have us meet at a landmark.

We will be doing some stretching before and after the hiking/walks.

Upcoming events (4+)

Gorge Trail/ Beverly is the lead.

Needs a location

Beverly's car is above. Look for her car and great smile!

1.8 miles, we can loop back over part if it to make it longer. Hills are moderate. Trail is unpaved, mostly easy walking, part of Trail has some rock formations which make it uneven, so you have to pay attention(sadly).
Pet friendly, restrooms. A very pretty trail includes viewing of the falls. Mostly shaded, bugs are out in general spray might be good. There is a dairy queen a mile away if we want ice cream afterwards.

Firestone Metropolitan Park

Needs a location


Very easy and relaxing, dog friendly. There are 2 trails 1 mile each. The last time several of us did both trails.

Concert Tribute to Foreigner

Needs a location

5 or 10.00 to get in.
This is an outdoor concert tribute band to Foriegner, there will be food trucks, drinks, water, beer, wine, restrooms. Bring your chair you can meet at my house and follow me or meet there.

Springfield Bog

Needs a location

Dog friendly, 1.5 mile. Big meadow. Nice little hike. If you want to go 2 times round it will make the 3 miles. It's a nice hike for beginners or if you just aren't in the mood for the big hills! No hills and no steps. Three is one lookover and pond.


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Silver creek

Needs a location

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