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If you agree with that statement, and if you own a business, represent a business, are looking to start a business, or just want to network with other awesome women, you should join our group.

We are a group of women who want to network with others and help each other in our businesses with our day to day challenges.

Gender inclusive networks, important as they can be to our overall professional growth, do not allow women to take off the masks we must often wear in order to show up effectively in our workplaces. They also do not invite the kind of deeper conversations that go beyond work and into the personal challenges that are unique to women.

This is the safe space we need. Here, we can connect, find sources of courage and support, and step out to embrace risks and opportunities. Our mission is to provide the trusting connections that will allow our members to strive from a place of security and rise to their highest potential.

This is a non-judgmental space where women can tread the path of self-discovery, find the permission to be real and authentic, connect to their feminine superpowers of receptivity, intuition, and heart, expand the boundaries of their vision and be provided with valuable insights that lead to exponential growth.

We will meet once each month to discuss various topics, to learn from expert presenters quarterly, and to support and network with each other.

Join us!

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Happy Hour Learning for Women Entrepreneurs - Digital Marketing Made SIMPLE!

Grab your favorite beverage and your favorite snacks and join us on Zoom for an informative evening that will help you grow your business - while having fun!

This will be a night to network and connect, but it will have special value!

As usual, we will each have a 30 second turn at the beginning of the meetup to spotlight what we do, who our ideal customers are, and how we'd like to see our group support each other.

After that, we will have a special presentation by Sherry Campos, founder of SC Marketing. Sherry spent 31 years in the corporate world until she finally decided to step away and become a business owner, working from home creating her own way in life instead of relying on the corporate world to pay her way and dealing with all the ups and downs that came along with that. She's always loved helping others so when looking at a new business venture the one thing that she looks at first is how she can help others. Along the way she discovered the ultimate way to establish an online presence.

Sherry will be showing us all how to better attract and market to potential clients & customers using a variety of essential components, including a professional website, using SEO, online ads, social media, email marketing, and blogs - all through an online marketing platform that will handle all of that and more, using artificial intelligence that makes it practically automatic!

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in your business? Have you been told that you should work smarter, not harder, especially in the new age of social media marketing, but no one ever told you how? Well, Sherry is about to show us all how!!

After Sherry's presentation, she will disclose how she can provide personal service to help you get started. We will also allot 60 seconds for each attendee to ask for something, give something or exchange something that will help us support each other.

There's no charge to attend, and you can attend without being a member of our group, but become a member and perhaps you can be the presenter at a future meeting!

Let's get together for a good, productive and fun time! Attendees will be entered in a drawing. Prizes so far: 1) 3 day / 2 night hotel stay at choice of locations 2) Restaurant gift certificate.

Who will win? Maybe YOU!

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Happy Hour Learning: How To Turn Leads Into Sales

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