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We are a group of women from all spectrums of life who want to change the world in our own creative way. We are a unique blend of women from all spectrums of life who share the need to motivate and collaborate with one another in order to improve our own circumstances and the circumstances of others. Whether you are a doctor, healer, teacher, waitress, actress, director, homemaker, dancer, singer, you name it, we need you if you are someone who wants to help make this world a more sustainable, thriving place to be. There is a speaker at each one of our group meetings who will share with us ways to help us excel in our home-life as well as the outside world. Come experience the power that exists amongst women who are inspired every day by the idea that we CAN live the life we were meant to live AND change the world for the better!

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Speed Coaching

Gavina Club House

The Duality of Humankind

The Continental

Quieting the chatter box in your head

Gavina Club House


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