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Introduction to Meditation in the Tantric Buddhist Tradition
Weekly program integrating mantra, silent sitting and teaching on the view and methods of Tantric Buddhist practice. No charge, no experience necessary, drop-ins welcome. For more information visit

Tsogyelgar Dharma Center San Diego

1857 Tustin St (Point Loma) · San Diego, CA

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Meditations of Joy, Wisdom and Compassion in the Tantric Buddhist Tradition

We’ve started this meetup up to get the word out about a weekly meditation program held each Sunday 10-11am. Our intention for the program is to share the joy and depth of meditations in the Tantric Buddhist tradition that have been shared with us by our Buddhist Lama Traktung Khepa, founder of Tsogyelgar Dharma Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tantric Buddhism, also known as Vajrayana, is a radical path of transformation. It is referred to as the “resultant” path, because it takes as its starting point our enlightened Buddha nature; it is rooted in our original innocence, rather than original sin. The methods of the path are not to give us something we don’t have, but to remove the temporary obstacles which prevent us from seeing our true nature.

Our meetup members are called practitioners, because these methods are rooted in spiritual practice. The practices we do center on the saying “you are what you meditate on”. While the radical argument of Buddhism is that there is no inherent self, we human beings generally meditate on ourselves and our problems, with predictable results. In Tantric Buddhism we instead meditate on our own wisdom mind in the form of deities. There are many deities in Tantric Buddhism, embodying the many different aspects of Buddha mind. The image shared with our meetup is Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara), the Buddha of Compassion; in our weekly program we sing a short practice of Chenrezig with extended meditation using the mantra OM MANI PEME HUNG. When we meditate in this way, the joy, wisdom and compassion of Chenrezig, which is not separate from our own nature, resonates in us as well. The view and practices of Tantric Buddhism are not a dogma, but methods that can be engaged and tested with our own body, speech and mind.

We hope this is enough to give you some sense of what we’re about. As it says in the meetup introduction, the program is free of charge, no experience is necessary, and drop-ins are welcome. We are simply sharing something profound which has been shared with us. Please email if you have any questions.

"What if the longing within your mind, heart and body was whispering to you of truth? What if your deepest nature was not sin or confusion and did not end in death? What if Original Innocence, untouched by birth, death, comings or goings, untouched by impermanence, anxiety, fear, hope...was in fact, your true nature? True of you. Just waiting for an invitation to reveal itself?" - Traktung Yeshe Dorje, Original Innocence

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