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Let's talk about life, sex, relationships, money, happiness, spirituality, problems, career, health, time management, goal setting, public speaking, and much more!

• Are you tired of meeting and networking with negative friends and people?

• Are you looking to prospect and network with positive like minded individuals who are into self help and could become potential customers, friends, or even business partners?

• Would you like to achieve your goals, earn more money, learn life changing teachings, grow your business, and have fun while doing all of this?

If you are an Independent Business Owner, Network Marketer, or someone who is into self help - personal growth & development teachings and just want to "better" yourself, then this is the group for you!

To help ambitious/positive people, network marketers, and independent business owners network with other positive people who you could potentially partner with or sell your products and services to. We are committed to creating a win/win supportive community that everyone can benefit from. Besides business, this is also a great place to just make friends with great people.

We will meet up and host fun/educational/empowering meetups that will motivate and inspire you to move towards your goals. Our meetups will have speakers and trainers who will demonstrate life changing teachings, best business practices, and facilitate mingling, networking, and interactive exercises with other participants.

Tomas Vacca is the main facilitator for The Achievers Group, a founding member of The Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team, and is the CEO of The Vacca Consulting Group, LLC. Tomas is a Certified, Master NLP Practitioner, Les Brown Speaker, Transformational Trainer, And Master Life Coach. He has trained and coached hundreds of individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and The United States Army. We will also have special guest speakers and trainers as well.

What are you waiting for? Click the "join this group button" now and come to our next event! We look forward to seeing you in person.

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Tomas Vacca

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