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If you are looking for high-end new customers and clients, WRS monthly 'live' referral and networking event is ideal for attracting this caliber of clientele. As you well know, it pays to network with people who can afford your services! This event is for business owners, professionals in private practice, and anyone who want to promote their business to a specific target audience and create effective strategic alliances, and want to actually meet 'in person and face to face'.

There is plenty of time for you to talk about your business, share what types of referrals we can send your way and we can all learn how we can refer our clients and circles of influence to each other, and of course, we do lots of business with each other. WRS has been using this method of networking, very successfully for over 42 years!

When you arrive you will be met by a WRS member who is on our welcoming committee who will introduce you to other Members of the group. There is a display table for you to bring your business cards or brochures ( each person gets 2'x2' space) A delectable Breakfast, Lunch or dinner will be served and we have a 'Table Topic Conversation" about our businesses and what we do. Then there are some networking exercises in which you meet, connect and establish a rapport with other Members of WRS as well as share what types of referrals we can send your way. Our Members tell us they get 80-90% of their NEW business in our organization. Visit our website at wrswrs.com

If you would like to know more information about our organization and our many networking events throughout So. Ca. please visit:wrswrs.com or call us 818.995.6646.

I look forward to learning about your business and networking with you!

Warmest regards,

Nancy Sardella

WRS President




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