What we're about

This group is for everyone who wants to improve their skills in:





If time permits, in different sessions, I may go into other important life-skills such as:


Video Recording,


+other concepts in the field of self development. Constructive feedback is always welcome in this group. Its better to make mistakes with the group instead of family or friends. The ability to receive feedback and make changes is what makes you better. The most successful people in the world or on youtube use this. No one starts great unless they are talented. THEY WORK ON THEIR SKILL SETS. If you take it personally when someone gives you feedback then that is your choice. You live with it.

We form this group to help each other succeed.

About my improv and acting journey:

I originally started taking improv lessons in New York City through meetups. Eventually I took classes there with the Upright Citizen Brigade. I went through their training program. I've also seen and participated in their performances in NYC among other students.

I also worked with a lot of New Yorkers who were taking acting classes in NYC. I participated in the PIT training center in NYC, and The Magnet theatre. I've also worked with other people from meetup.com doing exercises to improve their skills. I want to continue my journey in comedy.

Most of these meetups will be held either in Troy or Warren. For those of you that need help with communication, I may use improv exercises that will cause shifts in your communication style. Its important to stay genuine. That is why we hold these meetups. The more you get out there and DO things, the better you get. You are sitting in the house or doing other activities and you may not be working on these skills.

Most people are procrastinating. In a little more time, you will be rated among the top 1% in society if you work on these skills. I believe we can all help each other.

I do not expect everyone to get along but to find out if you do get along with one person and if you share common values, interests then you can work with each other or form friendships. I may ask you to leave or leave you alone if things are not going well between us or if you come unprepared. I will also remove you from the group because you take other people's time. As an entrepreneur I believe that time is money. If you bring bad emotions to others including myself that is a no no.

Come join us and see if this works out for you. I may be opening the door for a new hobby for you if you are new to this which is great.

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