Learn Email Marketing & Cold Calling


Looking to grow your business faster than customers seem to be contacting you? Learn how to implement an outbound B2B marketing startegy that includes lead generation, email marketing, and cold calling.

Generate interest for your busniess by automating mass emails—without ending up in spam or spending a lot of money on software. Then, reduce time cold calling by only following up with people who "click" on your emails.

1) B2B Lead Generation, topics include:
- Understanding Verticals and Niches
- Large Companies Vs. Small Companies
- Using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Maps
- Web Scraping and Affordable Outsourcing

2) B2B Email Marketing, topics include:
- Creating Concise Emails That Convert
- Optimizing Your Signature
- Gmail "Mail Merge" and HubSpot "Sequences"
- What To Do with Opens and Clicks

3) B2B Cold Calling, topics include:
- Warming Your Leads and Narrowing Your List
- Creating a Cold Calling Script
- Cold Call Examples
- Affordable Outsourcing to Set Appointments

Workshop leader Dustin Pearce is a Small Business Marketing Expert at Makeshark in Columbus, Ohio. Dustin has worked with local companies to increase SEO 414% and grow online sales by over $500,000 annually. Previously Dustin helped build national brands like Hulu, Kroger, Huffy Bikes, and Orbit Gum.