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This multi-generational Social Community invites all those adults who are between the ages of 21-111 to come together to share in meaningful community, with values based in kindness, inclusion, respectful dialogue, and genuine interest in the authentic depth of each other and our individual lives. We will share stories, climate action/LGBTQ/Human Rights events, potlucks, BBQs, game nights, book clubs, music circles, dance jams, wine tasting, hikes, paddle boarding, kayaking, spiritual ceremony, performance outings, camping...whatever you are willing to create and to contribute!


Intention. This is an opportunity to engage with others in a meaningful and RESPECTFUL way, benefiting from cross-cultural, cross-gender, cross-generational inclusiveness, to form a meaningful, inclusive, non-judgmental community. (Think about the energy of the Queer Eye Team! Imagine all of us coming together with humor, love, kindness and encouragement for each other!)

Commitment. While we will have great social gatherings to play and have fun, our goal is to form deeper and more sustainable connections with each other, without having to buy a plot of land, write up a bunch of rules, and all live together! We don't have to commit at that level in order to form tight bonds and to share our lives, our resources, and to support each other.

Presence. "Community" is formed through unity and familiarity. So perhaps the biggest difference between us and other Meet Up groups is that we are in it for the depth of relationships, not just the social aspect of having fun. But fun still is a huge part of this!


While everyone is welcome, this group is really for those committed to participate in an intentional community. We are not trying to attract a ton of members to our group...just those who are sincere in seeking ongoing, depth-ful and joyous relationships. So if you are a "Meetup Joiner", who loves to sign up for a lot of Meetups, but really has little time or interest in actually coming and participating, please, hold off on joining our community until you can make engaging with us a priority.

We hope to attract adults of various ages to participate. It is a fact of our micro-society, resulting from the baby boomer generation, that there are a lot of grey-haired people in this county! Please keep coming to events, even if you are younger than some of us! As we become more diverse, more diversity will appear at events! And we will all benefit from the lives shared with each other.


This platform will encourage approved members to post events of their own creation for our new-found friends. Imagine that something goes on each week, each month. You show up for the events you are into.

We will also have a service element to our circle. Weekly posts might list "Friends in Need" situations or service opportunities--say someone in our community breaks a leg and can't go to the store, or vacuum or walk...we can help out!


Each month offers set events (proposed):

• FIRST WEDNESDAYS: Political Action Evening where we join together and write congress and Representatives regarding climate or human rights issues.

• SECOND FRIDAYS: Game Night or Book Club Social Event --You choose!

• THIRD SATURDAYS and Other times as Events happen: Planned "OUT-ings"...like paddle boarding on a lake, a park picnic, events and performances, or a cookout on a beach.

• FOURTH SUNDAYS: “Firesides”, where members come together to hear the life stories of one of our members and to share a potluck and live music.

Additional gatherings:

Essentially, this group becomes whatever you contribute to it, and post on the community billboard! Social Service Events? Concerts? Young Adults Group? Family days? Produce a play? Hold a backyard concert?

Think of this as opportunity to belong to a really cool, “Left-Leaning” congregation without the preacher or religion, unless you consider social and political action your religion!

Some events may serve alcohol, however we request that participants arrive to events “sober” and are respectful of those who do not partake in substances. Additionally, while profanity is fun to dabble in, constant swearing and negativity is not what this group is about.


Many "intentional communities" create opportunities for members to share with each other their knowledge, resources and assistance. If this aspect of our community interests you, please contact the Organizer, Robin, and she will help you develop ideas...and maybe even form a committee!

Friends in Need--If you are an active member of our community and have a need for support, or you want to help out another member, you can reach out in the conversations section of the Meetup board. Friends in Need Support Postings are only for those members active in our community. Please, do not post unrelated situations.


1. Members agree to ONLY sign up for events if they are sincere in their commitment to come to the event. Our events are hosted by people extending themselves and we agree to not abuse that generosity and their efforts by signing up, but then not showing up.

2. If the rare circumstance keeps you from participating, we get that. In such an event, please notify the HOST immediately that you will not make it.

3. Hosts of events agree to make time at each meeting to have "check-ins" when all members have an opportunity to share with the group what is going on for them in their lives. The events, meal, show all occur afterward.

4. Members agree to take their grievances or negative feelings towards any member, to that member and only that member, if they choose to express them. All of us will support healthy boundaries and the reduction of back biting or the spread of negativity.

5. No one will be outed, outside of this circle.

6. Everyone is made to feel welcome and safe with us.

7. This is a leaderless community--all members are free, and needed, to participate in a variety of ways... offering events, hosting games and firesides, co-hosting OUT-ings, etc.

8. Reach out to Robin Stuart for posting your offerings or "Friend in Need" Requests. That said, Robin Stuart serve as the moderator of the site and will act as Gate-keeper for maintaining integrity within these posts.

9. You are free to post a "Friend in Need" request on this community site, via Robin, once you have attended a minimum of three events and are (in your intention) a committed community member.


Whatever your level of interest or participation, please know that you are welcome here. This is a place to share our kindness, joy and optimism! Embracing this joy, along with tolerance and compassion we will do what we can to make positive change in the world by “being the change we want to see!”

Upcoming events (4)


2290 Knolls Hills Cir

Joyce will host the screening of a LIFE-AFFIRMING, UPLIFTING FILM which illuminates who we can be as human beings when we operate at our very best! Bring your favorite popcorn and drinks! A little about Spiritual Cinema: This is a monthly DVD subscription that includes 1 feature film and 3 short films (total about 2 hours) with reflection questions for each that we can have a short discussion about after each one.

Game Night!

Needs a location

We will have games to play and laughter to share! Please plan to bring drinks and snacks!


997 Litchfield Ave

A Winter Coat Drive and Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Day! THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT. Minors are allowed to attend. Teens are wanted! We are working with non-profit, ONE WARM COAT, and have fliers and yard signs available for all of you to post at your home, work, school or grocery store, etc. You can also be a drop off station if you are willing! Just reach out to me via cell to have me send you fliers or get you a yard sign! Robin[masked] THE NEED The need for winter coats is real. Agencies are already calling out to communities, hoping we have coats we can get to them now, before winter weather hits. We can help them by holding a coat drive this year! Our partner agency would love to distribute coats before the worst of the cold weather begins. Coats in all sizes are needed. School age coats will be sent to schools and adult coats will be distributed to the homeless. HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE 1. Say you are up for collecting and I will send you the flier to print out and distribute. People give you the coats and you either bring them to me, or to the Drop-off Center in Santa Rosa. 2. You can also collect donations in check, made out to One Warm Coat. 3. Put a sign in your yard with a big cardboard box next to it! 4. Come to Coats and Cookies--there are two events! One in October and one in November. Help us sort through the donations. 5. If anyone is good at social media help us by posting collection information. Attendees at COATS AND COOKIES will help to sort coats while we bake cookies. You will be asked to bring one ingredient for baking the cookies--so if you don't show up we are without cookies! SHOW UP. The cookies are for us! I will provide the milk! Coats need to be new or gently used, needing no repairs and being scent free. Either just drop off coats anytime, (just call first) or come on this date and stay awhile to bake cookies and visit! Feel free to ask questions and know that all are welcome to this event--First-timers...don't be shy. We are very inclusive! Robin Stuart's home.

Dinner and Theater OUT-ing! Significant Other at Left Edge Theater

Left Edge Theatre presents SIGNIFICANT OTHER May 7, 2020 Thursday at 8PM THURSDAYS: $15 GENERAL ADMISSION By Joshua Harmon Directed by Sandra Ish Jordan Berman would love to be in love, but that’s easier said than done. So until he meets Mr. Right, he wards off lonely nights with his trio of close girlfriends. But as singles’ nights turn into bachelorette parties, Jordan discovers that the only thing harder than finding love is supporting the loved ones around you when they do. From the critically acclaimed writer who brought you Bad Jews. We will meet at Carmen's Burger Bar at 6:30 before the show! If you can't meet for dinner, no biggie! We can see you at the theater. www.carmensburgerbar.com Carmen's Burger Bar: 50 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa Left Edge Theater: 90 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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