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Hi everyone, welcome to moms of OC
I created this group for all moms. Moms of one, moms of multiples, moms of twins, autism moms, ANY moms! All are welcome!!

This group was created so we can get our kids out and socialize and also build friendships between them and us moms as well.

In this group if you have an idea or would love to share an event coming up, go ahead! Please do, make sure to get all the details and be communicating with other moms if you post.

I understand life happens especially with kids. If you need to reschedule or can’t make it to an event, and already rsvp’d please just let everyone know and be respectful. Too many no shows without communication will lead me to remove you from the group to be fair.

I’m looking forward to not only getting to know your child/children but you as well.
If you have any questions/ideas you can always message me.

Again welcome to moms of OC
Let’s have some fun!!

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