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What the heck is a PhilanthroInvestor?


The term was coined by Ivan Anz, global founder of Equity & Help and author of "The PhilanthroInvestor Phenomena: Growing Your Capital While Helping Others" (Available at Amazon Book Store) ( https://www.amazon.com/Philanthroinvestor-Phenomena-Growing-Capital-Helping/dp/1093855347/ )

PhilanthroInvestor: A PhilanthroInvestor is someone who invests time and/or capital and engages emotionally to promote human welfare while earning a healthy and fulfilling financial return.

What is this group all about?

• Did you know that majority of Americans will never be able to own their own home?
• Did you know that 51% Americans make less than $30,000 per year?
• Did you know that US average rent is $1050 per month ($12,600/year)?

So what and why should you care?

There is a third world growing inside of our country and these families are destined to be renters for the rest of their lives unless we do something about it.
FACT: A Stable Family Unit Is Foundation of Society
FACT: Unstable Family = Unhappy Children
FACT: Unstable Family = Increased Criminality & Moral Degradation
FACT: Unstable Family = Poor Neighborhoods & Environment
In Short, Unstable Family = Bleak Future
FACT: It is not up to “Them”. It Is up to "us"

What are we going to do about it? Have you heard, the bigger the problem, the bigger the reward if you can find a solution?
Well, we have created an elegant solution to this growing public problem through private citizens and


“To help 10,000 low-income families achieve the American dream of home ownership through our PHILANTHROINVESTOR® program.”

This mission is bigger than us and we need your help.


• We Believe In The American Dream Of Homeownership
• We Believe In The Dream Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
• We Believe In Equal Opportunity
• We Believe In ‘Hand-up’ And Not ‘Hand-out’
• We Believe In Doing Well By Doing Good
• We Believe In People, Planet And Then Profit

What’s in it for you and why should you join this group?

• Do you want to retire into a poor and devastated country Or
• Do you want a chance to create a prosperous future for us and our children?
• Would YOU like to HELP change our future for the better?
• Do you want to make money and make a difference this year?

If you align with our values and would like to help with achieving our mission, then you'll be welcomed to this group. You'll meet other passionate & caring individuals and successful entrepreneurs who want to do well by doing good. And you will be rewarded handsomely for helping us.

We look forward to meeting you.

Roger Salam
Founder, Equity & Help Utah, LLC

P.S. It doesn't cost one red cent out of your pocket to join and help us. Also, nothing is sold in this group other than the vision of a better future for us all.

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