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Black Girls Lift is for women of all ages and fitness levels who want to lift weights and build strength. Sound intimidating? Never lifted weights in your life? Out of shape? Don’t worry. This group is for ALL fitness levels. Beginners will start with dumbbells and intermediate/advanced women will use barbells and weight machines. No matter your level or shape, this group offers the motivation and support you need to meet your goals. This class is for women who want to do any of the following: • Lose weight • Build Muscle • Drop body fat • Increase strength • Flatten your stomach • Increase flexibility Do you want that lean and toned look that you see in magazines, tv, and on Instragram? You can NOT achieve that from cardio alone. Get off that boring treadmill and begin lifting weights! By incorporating weights into your workout, you will be able to achieve that toned look in no time. You will lose weight faster and burn more calories throughout the day! The biggest myth about weightlifting is that it will make you look bulk. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Join this group if you would like the motivation and support to achieve your fitness goals! All ages and fitness levels are welcome!

ANY member is welcome to schedule a Meetup. All you need is a venue location and at least one workout partner. Please send an email to blackgirlslift@yahoo.com so an organizer can post the Meetup details to this page. Don't wait - begin building your weightlifting group today! Black Girls Lift will provide simple routines for you and your partners to follow. You may also follow your own plan. In addition to your smaller Meetups, the organizers will plan larger Meetups such as fitness workshops, weightlifting competitions, bootcamps, etc. to further encourage you to meet your weightlifting and fitness goals.

You DRIVE your own success! Whatever you need, let an organizer know and we will provide the resources necessary for you to help you and your weightlifting partner(s) reach your goals successfully.

Why are their membership dues? Membership dues are used to fund fitness/weightlifting workshops, maintenance of the website (and eventually a mobile app), and for the production of Black Girls Lift merchandise which will be available for sale to members.

We will do everything we can possible to keep you motivated to reach your goals. Many people want to quit before they really even start, so to prevent this from happening you will have to get through these 3 layers before you can quit:

-Your Individual Team: This is the group of people you will workout with on a regular basis. Your individual team determines how often, when, and where your team will meet.

-Your Ambassadors: Ambassadors are here to help motivate and encourage you along the way.

-Me: I am the Founder of this group and want nothing but success for everyone in this group.

Please visit our website at blackgirlslift.com! (Website is in progress.)

Contact: blackgirlslift@yahoo.com

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