What we're about

Every other Sunday afternoon, we meet to do a small hike (2-4 hours) somewhere around Heidelberg (e.g. Pfälzer Wald, Schwarzwald or Odenwald). It's all about walking up a hill, pumping some blood through our system and having a nice chat all the way up! Going out for a dring afterwards is purely optional ;)

Past events (17)

Moderate 2.5 hour tour around Königstuhl

Haltestelle Rathaus/Bergbahn

Relatively strenuous 2.5 hour hike to Thingstätte

Uferstraße 69120 Heidelberg Germany

Intermediate 2.5hr Hike from Rohrbach to Königstuhl

Spielplatz Gregor-Mendel-Straße

Hike from Rohrbach to Schlierbach


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