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Relationships can be deeply healing, empowering, and expansive...

When was the last time you felt that way? Would you like to feel that way more often?

If you are in a committed couples relationship, want to continue to grow yourself AND your relationship, this workshop is for you!

Each of us have needs and dreams - and, in healthy couples, the relationship also has needs and dreams. For the relationship to flourish, these three work in harmony – creating space for each of you to dream, and space for the deep connection of dreaming together.

Sounds magical - right? Yes, it is! It's also just good, common sense.

Interested? If so, join us for three hours of reconnecting to yourself, your partner and your relationship. Leave with a plan and resources for next step in your evolution.

This workshop has three primary components:

• 1. Clarifying our interaction patterns can help us see ourselves as unique individuals, and each other as a unique individual with our own tendencies and preferences.

• 2. Learning how to listen so our partner will talk: becoming a safe haven where your partner can come alive. You will receive guidance and time to work on how you listen, the kinds of questions you ask, and the transformative way in which you can respond to create connection, understanding and resonance.

• 3. Finally, we will use our new skills to assess our own relationship built on John and Julie Gottman’s "Sound Relationship House," grounded in research and a lot of good old-fashioned common sense.

Come with openness and a desire to roll up your sleeves, and leave with a goal and resources to move forward to revitalize the relationship house of your dreams!

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Couples: Finding THE Way Back to Connection

Community Healing Hub at Minnehaha Lutheran Communion Church

FREE EVENT! Are you close, and love the idea of getting closer? OR... Have you had some ‘couples drift’ and want to get connected again? OR... Do you wish you had the time to really be present to your partner, but the realities of the holidays, children, jobs, parents, cooking, shopping, shoveling, cleaning the basement or organizing your bookcase are getting in the way? You’re not alone! The treadmill of life keeps us running, and the old adage really is true: What gets scheduled gets done! We all need to pause at times and rededicate ourselves to remembering ourselves and each other. Additional details * Please RSVP by Friday, February 1st so we can reserve your spot! * Note that while this event space happens to be in a church, the event is non-denominational - all are welcome, and there will be no religious under-(or over-)tones!

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Couples: Get Vibrant and Connected!

By the Rivers Center


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