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Are you looking for a new romantic interest..or maybe just a new friend. Meet that special person right from your living room! Why stay home on a Saturday night when romance, friendship and adventure await. And no need to spend lots of money and energy getting dressed up to go out somewhere only to meet no one We aim to make to make it easy and enjoyable for you to connect with others in a no pressure atmosphere.

We offer you the fastest and easiest opportunity to meet other people like yourself, looking for fun, friendship, romance and most importantly, connections..


At our events, you will have an opportunity to meet other attendees thru an initial meet and greet social, where we will all get to know a little about each other. You will then have an opportunity to get to know other participants more intimately thru a series of three minute micro dates. Once these are completed, you will have an opportunity to request a private one on one date with the participant (s) of your choice, If the feeling is mutual, you will get a private zoom room to spend a nice quiet evening getting to know each other.

FROM THERE ITS UP TO ONE OF YOU TO SUGGEST "LETS GRAB COFFEE", You may either arrange another online date, or an actual coffee date at a local coffee shop.

There are no requirements or fees to join this group.

Event tickets are $18, but we also run flash dates on occassion. And if you bring at least two other singles to our event, we will rebate you $3.00 each so you can afford that cup of coffee..lol!

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