What we're about

This is a space where we will explore the principles of the Law of Attraction, specifically as presented in the teachings of Abraham (a group of non-physical entities channeled by Esther Hicks).

We recognize that we are the creators of our own reality. We are here to assist, uplift and amplify each other's journeys as we sift and sort through the contrast in our lives, launch rockets of desire, and manifest the selves and lives we dream of :)

We will start each group with a short meditation, and we will listen to an Abraham audio clip. Then we will discuss the ideas therein and how they apply to our lives. Each individual in the group will have an opportunity to share a specific situation in their life that might be challenging them. Though this is not a therapy group, difficult emotions are welcome but we are not interested in dwelling in struggle and "beating the drum" of that which is unwanted. We are not here to (in the words of Abraham) "regurgitate reality" and tell the story of What Is or What Was... we are here to tell the story of What Can (and What Will) Be, in accordance with our powerful and true desire. We gather to remind one another of Who We Really Are (extensions of Source, pure positive energy, powerful creators)... to line up with our desires... tune ourselves to the Energy That Creates Worlds...

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Abraham/Law of Attraction Discussion: Gathering #5

380 Macpherson Ave

Abraham/Law of Attraction Discussion: Gathering #4

119 Merton St

Abraham/Law of Attraction Discussion: Gathering #3

119 Merton St

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