Make & Safely Use Smudges & Natural Air Fresheners

This is a past event

Price: $10.00 /per person

Conroe Central Market

225 N Thompson St · Conroe

How to find us

GPS/Internet directions are usually wrong. Shop is at the corner of Simonton/N Thompson, downtown Conroe, near the Courthouse. White Sandwich sign w/red letters saying Antiques.

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If you wish to be in this class but this time or date is inconvenient, please contact me or post a comment on the event. We are having a meeting to teach people how to wrap your own smudge sticks, how to use loose leaf items for smudges and air freshening and how to REwrap badly made smudge sticks for our safe smudging practices.

If you have items you wish to wrap yourself, cut them in the time right before you go to the meeting. Make sure the items are not toxic or damp. Dampness will cause mildew later. Wrapping them in dry paper towels and putting them in a plastic bag to carry would be helpful. I will provide string (cotton) and if you do not bring your own smudge material, previously wrapped smudge sticks will be handed out to rewrap in a safer style. Most smudge sticks are wrapped where the string will fall off and the whole thing unravels, dribbling smoldering bits.

We will also walk around holding a small plate or saucer (you can bring your own) and I will demonstrate how I create the smoke I use (and how I disperse it) and why I actually use the items. We will also discuss intentions we use while smudging. Most people assume that the smoke does it all. In actuality, it is mostly our intentions that we use to do the cleansing. I will also provide some generic phrases that you can take home that you can use for cleansing or inspiration for your own intentions if these do not resonate.

I will also teach how to stay with more positive thought directions so we can work with creating the positive energies and not the negative energies. I also call this working in the vortex or the quantum field using positive emotions, archetypes and energies.

I am charging $10 per person for the class and if you use one of my white sage smudge sticks to practice on, you get to take that home with you. You can still bring your smudging materials and use one of my sticks as well. If you are in the habit of buying the predried sticks (and not from me), you will want to learn how to handle them when you receive them so they are safe to use. I always rewrap them when I buy them for my shop. Bring cash ($10).

I hope to see you there. Bring a nonalcoholic drink and snacks if you like. They do have some drinks there at the shop you can buy. Depending on the number of people that show up this may take an hour, perhaps two if we have a lot of questions. Prepare for at least an hour. Thanks!


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