What we're about

First and foremost, this group is open to anyone with any kind of spiritual/political/economic background. While i have a niche idea of who/what I’m creating this group for, intent matters more than affiliation. :)

With that said - I am creating this group in hopes of finding other alternative Christians who are looking for community and creative collaboration. I would love to have several projects going on within the group, or even one or two major ones, whether that’s an indie film, trilogy book series, comedy act, etc. etc.

This group is NOT for people who want to make cheesy/“In-your-face” Jesus films/collabs.

This is a group for people that want to reach people who don’t know Jesus/have no interest in God through subtle messaging, (think Book of Eli, Lord of the Rings). This group is for people wanting to address modern issues like codependency, mental health, stigmas/stereotypes/etc. through art. This group is for people wanting to grow their own creativity, skills, and self-expression.

Let’s make some art, (and new relationships!), that are impactful, meaningful, and lasting.

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