What we're about

Hello, this is a group for people interested in the visual arts part of the entertainment industry, and want to practice their art skills and work on own projects but want to do it in company of likeminded artists/art students and in public spaces like cafes etc.

It's primarily aimed at people working towards or in:

- Concept Art, including character, creature, costume, mech design
- Storyboarding
- Animation
- Virtual Reality art
- Illustration
- Landscape and architectural drawing/painting
- Graphic Design
- Other visual arts

As this group grows it will most probably host events that tend to these needs and people with these interests.

Bring your pens, paper, pencils and tablets, brushes and colours and let's draw together. We will try to meet in cafes/similar places and space might be limited so perhaps don't bring the easel unless it fits on your lap. Generally no paints allowed other than pocket sized watercolour/gouache sets (basically nothing that can stain the tables/equipment of the venue hosting us).

Is this group for you? If you recognise names of artist/teachers like Zhu, KJG, Loish, Robertson, Aldoori, Whitlatch, Chu, Mullins, Hampton, Bradley, Vilppu, Ruddy, Knopf, Tsutsumi, Quach, Sheppard, McCaig, Blaise, Fowkes, Proko, Huston, Sinix... then you're in the right place

All levels and 2D/3D - Digital/Traditional welcome, ages above 16 recommended.

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Draw Together - 1st 1

130 Shoreditch High St

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