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Hello, I am looking for to expand our small group of 3 players - my wife, I and a friend of mine. We play board games in our apartment every weekend, Friday, Saturday, sometimes Sunday too.
I have a decent collection ( over 160) of board games, a good mix of sci-fi fantasy and modern themes.

Anybody can join us, and you are welcome to bring a friend or two. I suppose some people might be hesitant meeting strangers if its not at some public place, but i can assure you, we are completely normal,friendly and very social people, and we love to make new friends. I can offer big table , comfortable chairs and relaxing, friendly environment. Please feel free to ask any questions.
You can see my collection on this boardgamegeek.com link

Clicking on " large gallery mode " (top left corner) will give you better view of the games. There are 2 pages with games :D New games are being added regularly. Please keep in mind that playing any of the games in my collection takes from 2 to 3 hours ( sometimes even longer).In any case you have to be sure that you are free for at least 3 hours ( and realistically you will need probably between 3 and 4 hours ). If you leave in the middle of the game because you suddenly realized you have stuff to do, that means you are ruining the game for the rest of the players ( 3,4 or 5 people) and they most likely will leave too. Some of our members drive all the way from Newport beach, Santa Ana, Orange, we even have a few who come from LA.


We play different games every time. I rotate them constantly, one of the reasons being i have a lot of games and i keep adding more, so some of those are either brand new or played only once.Also if someone doesn't like the game, they will know something else will be played on the next meetup.. I will post under the specific event comments section some options about possible games, if someone has preferences, I will setup that game.

We can play 1 or more games, depends on how much time people have, and if they feel like playing more. I have some games that take about an hour to finish, usually those are played as last game for the evening.

You can sign up even a few minutes before the board game session, that is totally fine, AS LONG as you can make it here on time. Please check the comments section under each event !


Some people don't mind long games and actually enjoy them, but if you are not one of them, or you don't have that much time, we can try to figure out game that wont take too long (and again, there is no game we can setup, explain the rules and finish under 2.5 hours at least) I want to also emphasize that we do not play very light type of games ( Catan, Ticket to ride , etc ), but i have plenty of more casual and medium weight games. All games in my collection are top rated on boardgamegeek.com, with great positive reviews and really enjoyable to play.

You are not expected to bring games or to know the rules of any of the games in my collection. I have been playing board games for many years and i am used to explaining rules every time before we start playing, so don't worry about that. During the game i will always help you to figure out how everything works, will give you advice, and it doesn't matter that you are my opponent in the game. For me its more important people to enjoy the games and their time here, and considering the overall feedback, i think i manage to achieve that for most players.

As a hobby i also paint miniatures, and they really look great ( well that's the general opinion at least :D ) So you will also have the chance to play some games with uniquely painted figures.

Feel free to bring whatever snacks or drinks you want, although i always have something to offer here (snacks,soda, beer, etc ) I am only asking you not to bring stuff that is greasy, just use common sense, no one likes sticky fingerprints on their board game components :D


The address is 25211 Stockport st. apt 153, Laguna Hills, CA , 92653. Apartment complex "Alicia Village" My phone number is 747 888 7740. Check for parking on both sides of Stockport street. If you can't find any ,make a left turn to Alicia Village, check there ( prospective resident spots are ok to park until early morning next day, so if you see one, go for it ). On the right side is the other apartment complex, Alicia Plaza, check there as well. If there are no parking spots, i will come to show you nearby parking. Call/text when you are here, I will come outside and meet you.

We almost always start at 2 , 6 or 7 pm. Please, always check your personal messages a few hours before the actual gaming session.If I have to cancel the meeting, I will send message to everybody who signed up. The reason for canceling could be because not enough people signed up (that almost never happens) or if too many people canceled which again leaves us with not enough players.


I can't overstate how important this is - please BE here ON TIME! If you are the only person ( or group of people coming together ) it is OK to be a little late, but that's rarely the case, and if you are late, that means there are 3 , 4 or 5 people just sitting here, doing nothing and waiting for you. Not only you would be wasting other people time ( and some of them probably have limited time ), but you might discourage new players from coming back again, if they are left with the impression that our events are poorly organized.

Being late more than 15 minutes is totally unacceptable, 15 minutes is the maximum time we will wait for ANYONE, and then we will start the game without you, so you should just cancel your RSVP. Everyone has access to google maps and other mapping services which provide very accurate estimated time of arrival to any destination, so unless you have an emergency , you should not be late. Please consider other people time and be punctual. Coming here earlier is totally fine.


Meetup recently added new feature - donations. It's in the members tab section. It is totally optional, and I want to thank in advance to everyone who donates any amount to support the group. It is much appreciated. You know we always provide drinks and snacks during our game sessions, and we play every weekend, all 3 days most of the time. All donations will go towards snacks, beer, meetup monthly fees.


Finally, i know this was a big wall of text, and i want to thank you for having the patience to read it. I think it was necessary to help everyone to better understand and enjoy our board game meetings. I also apologize for any possible punctiation or grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

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